Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Snackability

Some geniuses in Korea invented the Col-Pop, an all-in-one chicken nugget and soda cup. Serious research must have gone into this, since the condensation from the soda didn't seem to affect the crispiness of the popcorn chicken. I am a huge fan already. BBQ Chicken, the company behind this madness, has already revolutionized the fast food fried chicken industry by frying their birds in extra virgin olive oil. Madness, I tell you! Paula Deen would not be happy.

Ever since the heyday of our friend the Lunchable, snack food portability has been key. It will make it easier for our fellow Americans to get their grub on when they're at the beach, on a road trip, working, sitting on a conference call, etc.

I have also included a handy chart for your reference:


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jo said...

LOL. Thanks for the chart of food portability throughout history. I love supporting data.